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August 21, 2019
Timothy Hay For Horses
August 21, 2019

Best Timothy Hay Manufacturers


High Quality Timothy Hay Manufacturers

CEADS is one of the fastest-growing timothy hay manufacturers in Istanbul, Turkey. The company is a brainchild of three horse enthusiasts name Ali, Arzu and Erdem. Ali is a devoted lover of the horses. He has a dedication towards beautiful horses’ breeding.  Arzu belongs to a farming family, and her family business is running from 200 years. Feeling, smelling and touching the plants and talking with soil is her passion. Erdem is an engineer by profession. He understands a lot of engineering skills which are required to run and deliver quality service as timothy hay dealer in Turkey.

Timothy hay is among the most digestible grasses among all types of forages. It is also considered among the most popular feeds for horses. Timothy hay is a high-fibre and late-maturing bunchgrass with low protein content. Timothy hay suppliers have found that this particular hay promotes bowel regularity, proper digestion, shiny coat and a healthy weight. The best timothy hay is excellent for protein-sensitive, colic prone and obese horses.

Timothy Hay Suppliers

Timothy hay suppliers in Turkey highly recommend this type of hay for those horses who remain confined to stable because it offers long chewing time. Timothy hay very closely imitates the typical day-long grazing work for pasture animals. The grazing activity is in between 10-15 hours each day. Timothy hay feeding helps to satisfy the urge of the horse to graze and chew when they are restricted to stables for a long time. While other feeds like alfalfa hay can meet the energy needs of horses at a high level of products. As per different Timothy Hay Manufacturers, low nutritional concentrations concerning timothy hay are perfect form several life stages.

For horse racing, fiber is considered a cornerstone for any farm of the feeding program. Fiber from timothy hay suppliers can pass through fermentation in the gut and used as a source of energy throughout the day. It also secures excellent digestion and prevents a horse from conditions like colic and gastric ulcers. Most racehorses need more energy than timothy hay suppliers provide. So, diet is supplemented with a certain percentage of Alfalfa mix. Timothy Hay Manufacturers classify timothy hay as grass hay. Grass hay differs from legumes which are comprised of hollow, long stems which grow up to 60 inches tall with leaves that can grow up to 17 inches.

Upon extreme challenge of procuring the best timothy hay from high altitudes of the eastern mountainous area of Turkey, we had no option but to establish a secure and effective logistics operation. We believe in the efficient and smooth delivery of products to the customer. Our owned logistics system help us to satisfy our customers as far as order delivery is concerned.

So, if you are searching for the best Timothy hay suppliers in Turkey, CEADS is the best choice for you.

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