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August 21, 2019
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August 21, 2019

Timothy Hay For Horses


Horse owners consider timothy the gold standard in grasses for horses, primarily when it is harvested and cured as hay. It has high fiber and relatively low protein content and is the most digestible of all hays.

Timothy hay is often recommended for horses in intensive training programs. Timothy hay is excellent for impaction and colic prone horses and is fed to horses by surgical clinics after impaction surgery in conjunction with alfalfa. Timothy hay is also excellent for foundered and obese horses and it has been said to help mares foal 40% easier.

Horses are pasture animals. Their normal activities include grazing anywhere from 10-15 hours a day. Problems can arise in horses that are confined to stalls for long periods of time. They may develop kicking habits due to boredom or hunger or will continuously walk around their stall in circles which causes damage to ligaments and joints. To avoid or decrease this behavior, free feeding timothy is recommended because of the extended chewing time it offers. It will keep them busy and closer to their natural state.

Horses that are fed timothy hay will have a shiny coat due to the natural oils timothy has and is perfect for horses that are protein sensitive. Furthermore, timothy hay does not create fat around the diaphragm and this enhances breathing and endurance.

Mature horses especially benefit from the low protein and high-quality nutritional content of timothy hay as it allows them to eat without gaining extra calories or weight. These same dietary factors are beneficial for thoroughbred race horses. Timothy hay is easy on animals’ digestive systems and its high fibre content promotes regular bowel movements.

Ceads sells only premium quality timothy that grows in the mountainous region of Eastern Turkey.

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