Timothy Hay For Horses
August 21, 2019

Timothy Hay For Cattle


Timothy hay is high in fiber, has a high energy content, and is also easily digested by beef and dairy cattle. Due to its relatively lower protein content, timothy must be combined with alfalfa when used as food for dairy cattle.

Hypocalcemia, or milk fever, is a common problem that negatively impacts between 5% to 10% of every herd cattle. Subclinical hypocalcemia can impact up to half a herd at any given time, but typically occurs right before or after calving. This condition makes it difficult for cattle to absorb calcium, so timothy hay’s low-calcium, low-potassium content makes it ideal for dairy herds. To help prevent hypocalcemia, timothy hay is typically added to the cow’s diet 3 to 4 weeks before calving is to occur. The timing helps reduce potassium concentrations within the bloodstream and has considerable effect on the animal’s health.

Including this product within a beef herd’s diet has a positive impact on the meat that is eaten by humans. Timothy fed cows are typically low in fat, with tender muscle, and are ideally suited for consumer tastes, which can enhance the cattle’s market value. However, most cattle will not eat a diet consisting solely of timothy hay. For this reason, it is often mixed with alfalfa to create a palatable balance within the cattle’s diet.

Timothy is fed to world popular wagyu and Kobe cattle in Japan and for this reason the meat from these cattle is known to be tender, firm, with good marbling and unique flavor.

Ceads sells only premium quality timothy that grows in the mountainous region of Eastern Turkey

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