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Dominant Cattle Alfalfa Hay Manufacturers

CEADS is one of a leading cattle alfalfa hay manufacturers in Istanbul, Turkey. The company is a brainchild of three horse enthusiasts name Ali, Arzu and Erdem. Ali is a devoted lover of the horses. He has a dedication towards beautiful horses’ breeding. Also, he never feels satisfied until he feels he has done a tremendous job.

Arzu is a nature’s lover. She belongs to a farming family, and her family business is running from 200 years. Feeling, smelling and touching the plants and talking with soil is her passion. Those who are cattle alfalfa hay suppliers can sense her passion. Erdem is an engineer by profession. He understands a lot of engineering skills which are required to run and deliver quality service in a delicate business just like best cattle alfalfa hay and hay for horses selling.

Higher fiber content in the best cattle alfalfa hay allows the horse to eat more hay without gaining extra weight. Alfalfa hay provides higher calcium levels. Typically, alfalfa hay has high calcium content when compared to grass hay. However, phosphorus content creates a negligible difference between the two hays.

Cattle Alfalfa Hay Suppliers

Considering the rising demand for hay, it would be no surprise to know that cattle alfalfa hay suppliers and marketers do not wish to do business with horse people. The size of the horse grazing industry should make a possibility. Estimated population of horses are difficult to make. However, it is estimated to be at least 4 lac horses in California while some forecast makes it to a million.

Alfalfa hay is highly palatable. Majority of horses will easily consume this kind of hay. However, due to its high palatability, consumption must be limited for keeping horses away from overeating and becoming colicky. The main nutritional differences between two main hays types lie in their calcium, crude protein, nonstructural carbohydrate (NSC), and energy levels of digestion.If cattle alfalfa hay manufacturers can talk with knowledge about a horse’s dietary requirement and know in broad strokes about nutrients of a horse in different life stages, they can build a reliable and trustworthy relationship with the hay buyers.

If the hay has been tested, the horse owner will feel as if there is proof of hay’s nutritional value, even if the cattle alfalfa hay suppliers have to explain about various nutritional analysis. Owners of 1 or 2 horses will probably continue to buy a bale at the feed store at a time.Generally, there are five to eight cuttings of best cattle alfalfa hay each year when irrigated and 4-5 when not watered.  The third cutting is good quality hay. As per seasoned cattle alfalfa hay dealers, fourth and fifth cutting has fewer leaves and more stems.

So, if you have to pick one among many cattle alfalfa hay manufacturers, CEADS is the best choice for you.

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