CEADS has been founded by a team of three enthusiasts.

Ali is a true horse lover and devoted his life for breeding beautiful horses. As is the case with all horse people, no kind of work can be too much for him and he will never be satisfied with anything below excellent when it is anything about horses and other animals.

Arzu is a true nature lover and comes from a family in farming business for more than 200 years. Touching, feeling and smelling the soil and plants can tell a lot to her than any other person may judge by doing so.

Erdem, being an engineer by profession, understands that a lot of engineering skills are required to run and deliver the best possible service and quality in such a delicate business that relates and aims to improve the health of the living.

Given the extensive experience and knowledge of the founders in global business, the company has a great big team of professionals handling all levels of operations from the growing stage to final quality control, compressing of bales and shipping around the world.

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